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CONTEXT: Group exhibition in the dormitory of the former Cistercian monastery 'Kloster Arnsburg' near Lich (D). Arnold Schalks' contribution 'TRAUMSTATIONEN' (DREAMSTATIONS) comprises twelve arrangements of twelve pairs of bedroom slippers, twelve floorsigns with the titles of the Stations of the Cross and twelve peep-boxes displaying unconventional representations of these Stations. The dream-specific association of Bible quotes with the suggestive names of plants and microbiological forms leads to a proposal for a Dreamstations of the Cross with twelve 'stops'. The official series, however, is composed of 14 pictures. The last two Stations are missing because the Cistercian monks' night rest was too short to dream the series to an end. A project of "Artforum Zwischenräume". March 13-20, 1998.

PUBLICATION: Laserprint/colour copy, 28 images, size: 140 x 192 mm, 68 pages, sewn.

EDITION: Published in Rotterdam, March 1998. Two editions: total 30 copies.