[...] Absolutely delighted to see that you stepping carefully and deliberately across the city of Cologne. There is an expression in English that says 'just follow your nose', meaning 'let your curiosity lead the way', (perhaps 'curiosity' could be replaced by 'fate' or 'want' or 'situation'). My nose is a sensor that finds foes so thick that Excalibur has trouble hacking its way through the thickness of the air; but at the other end of that experience lies the welcoming smells of seduction in all its forms.

I hope you manage to spill so Ode de Gologne on your feet, as is often the case in passing water, to sweeten the next 4711 steps. I find the visual elegance of the Ode de Cologne bottle and the soap bar to be in delightful contrast to the imagined stink. [...]



[...] I didn't know Cologne smelt that bad. [...]