De Andere Krant (The Other Paper)

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CONTEXT: The exhibition 'De Andere Hand' (The Other Hand). shows autonomous art work made by (freelance-)employees of the Dutch Photomuseum. They seized the opportunity of the Rotterdam Museumnight-event and the vacancy of the building to set up an exhibition of their work that ranges from photograpy and painting to installations and jewellery. The exhibition is open to the public on March 1, 2, 7, 8 and 9, 2008, from 12-17 hr.

The participating artists are: Jan Adriaans, Peter van den Baar, Annette Behrens, Hester Blankestijn, Hans Bol, Mia van der Burg, Nicolette Dons, Sjef van Duin, Lilianne Eijkelenkamp, Anouk Gielen, Rop de Graaf, Stefan Gross, Pim van Halem, Annika Hauke, Femke van Heugten, Job Janssen, Sigmund de Jong, Herman Maes, Jos van der Meulen, Mary Moore, Jan Neggers, Ron Nout, Arnold Schalks, Erik Schilt, Bert Sissingh, Henriëtte Verdonk, Ronald Vles and Stefanie de Vries.

ORGANISATION & PRODUCTION: "De Andere Hand" is an initiative of Carolien Provaas. Logistics and coordination: Mia van der Burg and Pim van Halem. Credits: the Dutch Photomuseum and Walter Birkhoff.

LOCATION: the building of the former Photomuseum, Witte de Withstraat 63, Rotterdam.