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Five-piece optical installation.

Arnold  Schalks

Arnold Schalks in his studio.

Arnold Schalks' welcome, the first work that catches the eye of the visitors of the exhibition in the buildings of Kunst & Complex, has been devised fairly cleverly. A sign announcing ‘the reception of restless elements' immediately presented an aura of hospitality.
It was a plain illuminated sign with trivial letters, highly similar to the anonymous invitation of a simple wayside restaurant or snack bar. In the opening of an air shaft next to it, the reflection of a stone bottle, an hourglass, a book and a classic model fountain pen could be seen. In reality, this accurately composed still life was actually placed in a lumber room situated at a higher level. Here, among all kinds of forgotten things, the composition was not very conspicuous, but anyone who looked at the projection could be amazed at the recreation of a picturesque theme that has been a favourite throughout the ages, which, as a result of the expertly exhibited estilo vaporoso, made you think of a fragment of the, both in Spain and here, popular Murillo. In other words, it was a unique case of kitsch brought back to reality.
The question remained, however, what restless elements were collected: the rain water that was collected in the stone bottle by means of an upwards turned funnel or the grains in the hourglass? Or perhaps the Spanish artists were meant? Or the participants of Kunst & Complex? Or the viewers?

Egbert van Faassen (source: catalogue 'uit ongelijke talen / de idiomas desiguales')



Overall view


Left: Signboard (LODGING, reception of restless elements) / Light display / 105 x 30 x 35 cm.

Right: Drain / Funnel, copper pipe Ø 12 mm.



Step with sand box.

View through the periscope (Reception)



Still life




Catalogue in Spanish, Dutch and English, published in November 1993 in Rotterdam.

BOOK: 20 x 27 cm, 60 pages, offset

DESIGN: Arnold Schalks, Riemke de Jong

TEXTS: Pablo Neruda, Arnold Schalks, J.H. Leopold, Jan Hanlo, Egbert van Faassen, Cornée Jacobs

PHOTOGRAPHY: Anita Arensman, Olaf Mooij, Jozef van Rossum, Alejandre Martinèz

PRINT: J. Vicente, Madrid (E)