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Arnold Schalks, Andenken

"Denk ich an Dresden in der Nacht,...."


Dresden: The first time I heard about Dresden was at highschool, as I was reading Harry Mulisch' novel 'the stone Bridalbed': Thirteen years after the war, Norman Corinth, a dentist from Baltimore, revisits the German city of Dresden, destroyed by a firestorm triggered by Allied bombing. Corinth had taken part in that bombing as an aerial gunner. In the ruined city Corinth meets Hella, with whom he has a brief affair.

Blackout: "Government regulation imposed to use thick black curtains or blackout paint to stop any light showing through windows. Every person had to make sure that they did not provide any lights that would give clues to bommber pilots that they were passing over built-up areas and hinder them to find their targets."

Wood, paint, braille, hook, eye shades / framed woodpanel 24 x 33 x 3 cm.